Select The Right Digital Solution

The Problem

Let’s face it, selecting the optimal digital solutions that align with the company’s distinct requirements and ambitions is difficult and the risk of failing is rather significant.
It is actually so significant that 70% of Companies’ digital solutions have failed in the recent years. Forbes, Our claim is that the solutions selected in most of the cases typically wasn’t the right fit for the company.

Right fit can be many things but often it covers 3 areas:

  • “Capability Right-sizing”: The solution’s capabilities compared to the company’s maturity was not an appropriate match, e.g.,selecting a too simple solution for companies where the maturity in procurement is quickly surpassing the solution or vice versa,selecting a too sophisticated solution that the company does not have the capability to properly manage.
  • “Digital environment miss-fit”: The company selected a solution that did not fit within the current digital solution landscape, and the company’s process requirements did not align with the solution.
  • “The One-Suite paralyse”: Somehow the company stakeholders have decided that it is easier with one solution (One suite), even though there are many great case studies on this topic within procurement, it seems that these are not read by stakeholder outside of Procurement. Not that you can’t find decent one suite solutions, but they will waste resources lack user adaption, and not deliver to the expectation, preventing many companies to prove their initial business case for the investment.
Digital Procurement Consultancy, Klarnskou

What does your Company do to prevent this ongoing problem?

Do you identify how a digital solution’s capabilities align with your company’s requirements and thereby ensuring your company digital oversight on your current and new solutions?

Our Solution

At Klarnskou Consulting, we excel in identifying both the ideal digital solutions for your company and highlight the potential pitfalls that may arise during the selection process, and how to manage these after implementation. This holistic approach is part of our overarching program ‘Conscious Digitalization of Procurement.’ We fully comprehend the intricate nature and obstacles associated with choosing the right digital solution for your company. We provide expert guidance, a practitioner’s experience, and support you in your decision-making process, ensuring that you select the solution that best aligns with your unique requirements and objectives. Put in simple way, we can help you understand the impact of features in a solution and how they impact your processes.

Digital Procurement Consultancy, Klarnskou

Simple approach to certainty

It is important to us to understand your Company`s specific needs, challenges and ambitions.This allows us to gain insights into your operations, user experience requirements, growth strategy, and technological infrastructure. This will help us, to provide the right guidance to you, and to enable you to make the right choice. This is how we get started.

  1. We will support you with Requirement Assessment & specification building.
  2. Use our proven tender approach to ensure you have the right information available when selecting your new solution, the key is the right questions.
  3. We will help provide an SOW review, implementation oversight, and keep your implementation partner honest.

This will ensure that you get the right solution, implemented in the right way.

Negative stakes

Making an ill-suited choice under these circumstances can lead to wasted resources and the regrettable loss of valuable opportunities. After some years the process often starts over again to the nuisance of your stakeholders and your company’s financials.
Have you considered the consequences of not optimizing your Procurement Digitalization selection process?
The stakes are high, and making uninformed or inadequate decisions in selecting a digital solution can have detrimental effects on your procurement departments future success. Typical mistakes:
  • Insufficient Solution Alignment
Without expert guidance, there is a risk of choosing a digital solution that fails to meet your company's specific needs and goals. This can result in inefficiencies, poor customer experience, and hindered growth.
  • Missed Opportunities and Costly Mistakes
Without comprehensive assessment and market research, you may miss out on valuable solutions or make costly mistakes in selecting the wrong one. This can lead to missed opportunities, wasted resources, and setbacks in your digital transformation journey.
  • Reliability and Security Vulnerabilities
Without a thorough assessment, the chosen digital solution may lack reliability and security, putting your company at risk of data breaches, system failures, and reputational damage.
  • Technological Obsolescence
Failure to consider future adaptability may lead to selecting a solution that quickly becomes outdated or incompatible with emerging technologies. This hampers your ability to stay competitive and adapt to industry changes.
  • Implementation Challenges and Disruptions
Without a well-defined implementation strategy, you may encounter difficulties integrating the chosen solution into your existing infrastructure, causing delays, disruptions, and loss of productivity. In the end the realization of your business case may be prolonged.
  • Limited Post-Selection Support
Insufficient support after selection can result in underutilization of the solution, lack of training, and unrealized benefits. This limits your company's ability to fully leverage the chosen digital solution.

Positive Stakes

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, companies have a golden opportunity to elevate their operational efficiency, thereby solidifying their competitive stance in the market. With the right guidance you can ensure that your company will end up with:
  • Tailored Solution Alignment
Through an initial consultation and requirements assessment, you can align the digital solution with your company's specific needs, challenges, and goals. This leads to enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and strong support for your growth strategy.
  • Strategic Decision-Making
Market research and solution evaluation help you identify and shortlist the most promising digital solutions. This empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your goals, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver long-term value.
  • Robust Reliability and Security
Thorough assessment ensures that the chosen digital solution meets industry standards, data security requirements, and demonstrates a track record of reliability. This ensures the protection of your company's data and systems, reducing the risk of breaches and disruptions.
  • Future-proofing and Technological Adaptability
By assessing the digital solution's adaptability to evolving technological advancements, you future-proof your company. This enables you to leverage emerging technologies, stay competitive, and quickly adapt to industry changes.
  • Seamless Implementation and Integration
With a well-defined implementation strategy based in practical experience, you can smoothly integrate the selected digital solution into your existing infrastructure. This minimizes disruptions, streamlines processes, and allows for quick realization of the solution's benefits, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Ongoing Support for Success
Post-selection support ensures the successful adoption and utilization of the digital solution. You have access to a dedicated team that can address any questions or concerns during implementation and beyond. This support maximizes the value and benefits derived from the chosen digital solution.

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